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Quinmo. Gestionamos proyectos rurales y agroalimentarios

Environmental Consulting and Engineering

We manage rural and agri-food projects


We manage the environmental projects and licenses necessary to carry them out in compliance with current European regulations.

Agri-food Industry

We are specialized in agri-food engineering capable of conceiving and designing different types of projects aimed at improving the profit margins of your farm.


Legalization of land, expert reports, agronomic reports, cadastres, grants and any type of procedure and report related to the environment and rural areas.

Do you have a rural project and do not know how to carry it out?

¿Tienes un proyecto rural y no sabes cómo llevarlo a cabo?

Projects and Environment

At Quinmo, with the help of the best and most advanced technology, we work to minimize and avoid the environmental consequences of projects as well as manage procedures and licenses to carry them out.

The environmental engineer understands nature in its essence. This allows them to assess environmental damage to water, soil, air and atmosphere. As a good engineer, he will find technical solutions that are viable for the company and allow it to improve its product or service.

Food Industry

In addition to the services we provide for the execution of an industry in general, we carry out specific projects and procedures for the Agri-food Industry.

Food is the industrial sector most closely linked to the lifestyles of society. The agri-food industry faces two realities: its good health and the unavoidable need for continuous adaptation. A necessary adaptation, through innovation, to accommodate the dizzying changes experienced by eating habits, totally subject to the current pace of life.

20% of what Spaniards spend goes to food. Changes in family structures are presented as an important factor to take into account. All the experts point to research and development as the challenge of the sector to ensure that companies can adapt their products to the vital demands of consumers.

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Tell us about your project

Write to us and tell us about the project that you want to carry out or that you are carrying out and we will advise you on how to manage it and make it a reality.

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